У Дніпрі чиновникам заборонили відвідувати шкільні урочисті 1 вересня

У Дніпрі посадовцям міськради заборонили відвідувати урочисті заходи у школах 1 вересня. Про це у четвер повідомили у дніпровській мерії.

За даними міськради, виняток становлять лише ті, хто ведуть до школи власних дітей як приватні особи.

Як поінформували у міськраді, відповідне розпорядження з ініціативи мера Бориса Філатова підписала його заступниця Світлана Єпіфанцева, що виконує обов’язки мера на час відпустки Філатова.

Як розповів заступник міського голови Олександр Шикуленко, чиновникам також заборонено виступати з промовами у школах. Розпорядження також рекомендує депутатам утриматись від участі у шкільних заходах.

«Цим розпорядженням рекомендується депутатам всіх рівнів – маються на увазі депутати і міської ради, і районних рад – не брати участі у таких заходах», – зазначив Олександр Шикуленко.

Водночас у міськраді нічого не повідомили про санкції, які застосовуватимуть щодо посадовців, які порушать заборону.

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UN Committee: Britain ‘Going Backwards’ on Rights of Disabled

The U.N. Committee on the rights of disabled people said on Thursday it had more concerns about Britain – due to funding cuts, restricted rights and an uncertain post-Brexit future — than any other country in its 10-year history.

The committee, which reviews states’ compliance with the 2006 Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, published a 17-page report with recommendations about how Britain could do better.

“The UK is at the moment going backwards in accordance to the information that we have received,” committee member Stig Langvad told a news conference in Geneva.

Britain said it was disappointed by the report. It said it did not reflect the evidence it had provided to the committee, nor did it recognize progress that had been made.

The U.N. committee’s chairwoman Theresia Degener has described the situation in Britain as a “human catastrophe.”

“The austerity measures that they have taken – they are affecting half a million people, each disabled person is losing between 2,000 and 3,000 pounds per year, people are pushed into work situations without being recognized as vulnerable, and the evidence that we had in front of us was just overwhelming,” she said.

The most acute concern was the limitations on independent living.

“Persons with disabilities are in our view not able to choose where to live, with whom to live, and how to live,” Langvad said.

Britain was also not fulfilling its commitment to allow inclusive education, and there was a high incidence of bullying at schools. A growing number of disabled people were living in poverty.

Budgets for local authorities had not only been slashed, but they were no longer ear-marked for disabled people, another committee member, Damjan Tatic, said.

Langvad said people with disabilities should be involved in preparations for Britain’s Brexit talks with the European Union, to avoid losing protections that historically came from the EU.

“Persons with disabilities are afraid of the future since they do not know what is happening and since they do not feel that they are involved in the discussions on how to secure the rights of people with disabilities afterwards,” he said.

Britain’s government said it was a recognized world leader in disability rights, and almost 600,000 disabled people had moved into work in the last four years.

“We spend over 50 billion pounds a year to support disabled people and those with health conditions — more than ever before, and the second highest in the G7,” a government spokesperson said.

Debbie Abrahams, the opposition Labour party’s spokeswoman for Work and Pensions, said the “damning” report was a vindication of Labour’s criticism of the government’s policies.

“This confirms what Labour has been saying all along, that the lack of progress on all convention articles, including cruel changes to social security and the punitive sanctions regime, are causing real misery for sick and disabled people.”

A Labour government would incorporate the convention fully into British law, she said in a statement.

Reporting by Tom Miles, editing by Pritha Sarkar and Richard Balmforth

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Huge WWII Bomb to Be Defused Close to German Gold Reserves

Frankfurt’s city center, an area including police headquarters, two hospitals, transport systems and Germany’s central bank storing $70 billion in gold reserves, will be evacuated on Sunday to allow the defusing of a 1.8-metric ton World War II bomb.

A spokesman for the German Bundesbank said, however, that “the usual security arrangements” would remain in place while experts worked to disarm the bomb, which was dropped by the British air force and was uncovered during excavation of a building site.

The Bundesbank headquarters, less than 600 meters (650 yards) from the location of the bomb, stores 1,710 metric tons of gold underground, around half the country’s reserves.

“We have never defused a bomb of this size,” bomb disposal expert Rene Bennert told Reuters, adding that it had been damaged on impact when it was dropped between 1943 and 1945. Airspace for 1.5 kilometers (nearly a mile) around the bomb site will also be closed.

Frankfurt city officials said more than 60,000 residents would be evacuated for at least 12 hours. The evacuation area will also include 20 retirement homes, the city’s opera house and the diplomatic quarter.

Bomb disposal experts will use a wrench to try to unscrew the fuses attached to the bomb. If that fails, a water jet will be used to cut the fuses away, Bennert told Reuters.

The most dangerous part of the exercise will be applying the wrench, Bennert said.

Roads and transport systems, including the underground, will be closed during the work and for at least two hours after the bomb is defused, to allow patients to be transported back to hospitals without traffic.

It is not unusual for unexploded bombs from World War II air raids to be found in German cities, but rarely are they so large and in such a sensitive position.

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Del Toro’s ‘The Shape of Water’ Makes Waves in Venice

Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water is an aquatic Beauty and the Beast, a transgressive fairy tale about a young woman’s love for a scaly creature from the Amazonian depths.

Like the best fables, it’s also rooted in the real world: the story of a migrant from the south facing a hostile reception in a security-obsessed United States.

“I think that fantasy is a very political genre,” del Toro said Thursday at the Venice Film Festival, where The Shape of Water had its red-carpet world premiere. It’s one of 21 films competing for the coveted Golden Lion, the festival’s top prize.

“Fairy tales were born in times of great trouble. They were born in times of famine, pestilence and war,” he added.

Part monster movie, part noir thriller, part Hollywood musical, the film defies categorization, though Del Toro took a stab, suggesting it’s “like Douglas Sirk rewriting Pasolini’s Theorem with a fish.”

Some critics are calling it del Toro’s best film since Pan’s Labyrinth in 2006. The Daily Telegraph summed it up as “an honest-to-God B-movie blood-curdler that’s also, somehow, a shimmeringly earnest and boundlessly beautiful melodrama.” Screen International called it “exquisite … del Toro at his most poignant and sweet.”

Set in early-1960s Baltimore, the film stars Sally Hawkins as Elisa, a mute orphan who works as a cleaner at a high-security lab. She forges a bond with a captured creature who is at the center of a Cold War tug-of-war between the U.S. and the Soviet Union.

“It’s a movie set in 1962, but it’s a movie about today,” del Toro told reporters at a Venice news conference. “It’s about the issues we have today. When America talks about America being great again, I think they are dreaming of an America that was in gestation in `62 — an America that was futuristic, full of promise … but at the same time there was racism, sexism, classism.”

Del Toro said the creature — played with fittingly fluid movements by Doug Jones — is the only character in the film without a name, because he represents “many things to many people.”

For lonely Elisa, “it’s the first time somebody, something is looking at her, looking back the way you look back at the person you love.” For Michael Shannon’s ruthless U.S. government agent Strickland, the creature is “a dark, dirty thing that comes from the south” and must be eliminated.

“I am Mexican, and I know what it is to be looked at as `the other’ no matter what circumstances you’re in,” the director said — and the character of the creature embodied that otherness.

The film features warm performances from Octavia Spencer and Richard Jenkins as Elisa’s friends — and a mesmerizing turn from Hawkins, who creates a character of depth, passion and compassion without saying a word.

Hawkins said that when del Toro first told her about the movie, she was working on her own project about “a woman who doesn’t know she’s a mermaid.” Some of those ideas fed into the character of Elisa.

“It was just synchronistic,” she said. “It was very odd. Those things rarely happen and when they do you know it’s something special.”

The Shape of Water features del Toro’s usual rich mix of ingredients: everything from Russian spies to musical interludes. Its overriding message, the director says, is “to choose love over fear.”

“We live in times where fear and cynicism are used in a way that is very pervasive and persuasive,” del Toro said. “Our first duty when we wake up is to believe in love.

“It’s the strongest force in the universe,” he said. “The Beatles and Jesus can’t be wrong — not both of them at the same time.”

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US Orders Russian Consulate in San Francisco to Close

U.S. officials have ordered Russia to close three diplomatic buildings in the United States, part of the ongoing quarrel between the two countries over U.S. sanctions.

The action follows Russia’s demand earlier this month that the U.S. reduce the number of personnel at its diplomatic missions in the country.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, to tell him that the United States has fully implemented the decision by the Russian government to reduce the size of the U.S. mission in the country.  

In a statement, State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert called the Russian decision “unwarranted and detrimental to the overall relationship between our countries.”  

Nauert continued, “In the spirit of parity invoked by the Russians, we are requiring the Russian government to close its Consulate General in San Francisco, a chancery annex in Washington, D.C. and consular annex in New York City.”

She said the closures would need to be completed by September 2.

Nauert stressed that the U.S. “has chosen to allow the Russian government to maintain some of its annexes in an effort to arrest the downward spiral in our relationship.” A senior administration official stressed that Tillerson and Lavrov both still want to improve U.S.-Russian relations, and described their phone call as professional.

Russia Today reported that Lavrov responded to the closures by “expressing regret” over the escalation of tensions.  He said that Moscow would study the new measures carefully and inform Washington of its reaction.

The diplomatic retaliations stem from U.S. sanctions of Russia over its annexation of Crimea, as well as Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Last month, the U.S. Congress overwhelmingly passed a bill preventing President Donald Trump from easing sanctions on Russia without congressional approval. After Trump signed the bill, Russian authorities denounced it as “trade war.”

A senior U.S. administration official told reporters the Russian Consulate General in San Francisco is the oldest Russian consulate in the United States.  She said the two annexes ordered closed in Washington and New York were primarily trade missions.  She said no Russian diplomats are being expelled – the diplomats in those three building may be reassigned  to other Russian consulates in the U.S.

The senior official said the U.S. has complied with the Russian order to reduce its presence in Russia down to 455 staff members.  The official stressed that with this new U.S. order to close three buildings, the Russian would still have more consulates and annexes in the United States than the U.S. has in Russia.

The U.S. president’s response to the tensions has also sparked controversy.  When Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the U.S. diplomats were being expelled, Trump responded by saying,  “I want to thank him because we’re trying to cut down the payroll.”

White House officials later told reporters the president was being sarcastic.

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На Донбасі покажуть найкращі документальні фільми міжнародного фестивалю «86»

У містах Донецької і Луганської областей в межах проекту «86: Післямова» пройдуть покази найкращих документальних стрічок, які зняли жителі Донбасу.

Частину робіт презентуватимуть самі режисери і герої фільмів.

Від сьогодні стартує показ коротких документальних стрічок, учасників кіномайстерні MyStreetFilms, в межах якої молодим режисерам запропонували зняти історію зі своєї вулиці. Цього року майстерня була присвячена Донеччині та Луганщині. Серед учасників був доброволець, який зняв фільм про стоматологічну бригаду на передовій, також була 14-річна режисер з Мар’їнки.

Проект існує протягом 3 років та проходить у місті Славутич, що розташований неподалік Чорнобиля. За словами організаторів кіномайстерні, головна мета показів на Донбасі – щоб фільми про схід України мали змогу побачити самі жителі Донеччини і Луганщини, адже у цих стрічках розповідають про їхній рідний регіон.

Покази «86: Післямови» триватимуть до 10 вересня. Вхід вільний. Фільми покажуть у Маріуполі, Краматорську, Слов’янську, Сєвєродонецьку і Рубіжному. Також у програмі показів й відомі «блокбастери» світової документалістики, серед них –фільми про Чорнобиль американських режисерів: «Чорнобильські бабусі» (Голлі Морріс, Енн Боґарт) та «Російський дятел» (Чед Грасія). Останню стрічку приїде презентувати головний герой і художник-постановник стрічки Федір Александрович. 

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Кличко пропонує аналітикові The Economist приїхати на екскурсію у «прекрасний» Київ

Міський голова Києва Віталій Кличко запросив аналітика британського видання The Economist Джона Коупстейка до української столиці й пообіцяв йому влаштувати екскурсію містом. Листа від Кличка на адресу Коупстейка, датованого 25 серпня, оприлюднило у Twitter посольство України у Великій Британії.

Мер Києва висловив припущення, що аналітик ніколи не був у «прекрасному європейському місті, де щороку проводиться безліч міжнародних подій високого рівня (наприклад, Чемпіонат Європи з футболу в 2012 році, пісенний конкурс Євробачення в 2005 та 2017 роках)».

Кличко запросив британського аналітика відвідати Київ у будь-який зручний для нього час. «У випадку, якщо ви приймете моє запрошення, я особисто проведу вам екскурсію містом із великим задоволенням», – пообіцяв Кличко.

Київ опинився у десятці найменш комфортних для життя міст, згідно з дослідженням британського журналу The Economist. Зі 140 проаналізованих міст столиця України опинилася на 131-му місці.

Дослідження проводили експерти аналітичного підрозділу журналу The Economist – The Economist Intelligence Unit. Вони оцінювали міста за такими головними параметрами, як стабільність, охорона здоров’я, культура, довкілля, освіта й інфраструктура. Загалом місто могло набрати максимум 100 балів. Київ отримав 47,8 бала.


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Світоліна та Долгополов вийшли до другого кола тенісного US Open

Українські тенісисти Еліна Світоліна та Олександр Долгополов вийшли до другого кола відкритого чемпіонату США.

30 серпня Світоліна невдало розпочала догравання матчу першого кола проти чешки Катерини Синякової – Еліна програла другий сет на тай-брейку. Але у вирішальній партії харків’янка виграла – 6:3. У наступному раунді українка зіграє з росіянкою Євгенією Родіною.

Олександр Долгополов провів важкий п’ятисетовий поєдинок проти 49-ї ракетки світу, німця Яна-Леннарда Штруффа – 3:6, 6:3 6:2, 1:6, 6:3. Наступним суперником Долгополова став 15-й сіяний у Нью-Йорку чех Томаш Бердих.

Єдиною втратою України в третій ігровий день US Open стала поразка Катерини Козлової. Вона в другому колі поступилася 16-й сіяній на турнірі латвійці Анастасії Севастовій – двічі по 4:6.

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Turkey Protests US Indictment Charging Erdogan’s Security

Turkey’s foreign ministry says the country protests “in the harshest way” a U.S. court decision to indict 19 people, including 15 Turkish security officials.

The statement published late Wednesday follows Tuesday’s grand jury decision in Washington to charge the defendants with attacking peaceful demonstrators during a visit by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on May 16.

Turkey has repeatedly told U.S. officials that security outside the ambassador’s home was negligent and didn’t ensure the safety of Erdogan’s entourage amid sympathizers of an outlawed Kurdish militant group, according to the statement.

The ministry called the indictment “biased” and “regretful,” claiming it also accused people who had never been to the U.S.

It announced Turkey would follow legal paths to fight the decision.

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New Russian Ambassador to US Calls for Resumed Military Contacts

Moscow and Washington should re-establish direct contacts between their military and foreign policy chiefs, Russia’s new ambassador to Washington, Anatoly Antonov, said Wednesday.

“The time has come to resume joint meetings of Russia’s and the United States’ foreign and defense ministers in a ‘two plus two’ format,” Antonov said in an interview published on the Kommersant business daily’s website.

Military contacts between Moscow and Washington were frozen in 2014 due to the Ukraine crisis.

Antonov also called for meetings between the heads of Russia’s Federal Security Service and Foreign Intelligence Service and the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation and Central Intelligence Agency.

A “working cooperation” between Russia’s Security Council and the U.S. National Security Council could also help fight terrorism and cyberthreats and help strategic stability, he said.

Antonov, a former deputy foreign minister, is subject to European sanctions over his role in the conflict in Ukraine.

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