Світоліна вийшла в четверте коло US Open

Перша ракетка України і сьома у світі Еліна Світоліна успішно подолала третій раунд відкритого чемпіонату США з тенісу. У двох партіях за 1 годину 8 хвилин українка здолала опір китаянки Цян Ван – 6:4, 6:4.

Попри перемогу в двох сетах, Світоліна мала ускладнення в цій зустрічі. В першій партії, ведучи в рахунку 4:0, вона дозволила суперниці до мінімуму скоротити відставання, а на початку другої поступалася 0:2.

Також читайте: Теніс: Цуренко обіграла другу ракетку світу і вийшла в третє коло US Open

У четвертому колі US Open Еліна Світоліна гратиме з 19-ю сіяною у Нью-Йорку латвійкою Анастасією Севастовою, яка в третьому раунді в трьох сетах перемогла росіянку Катерину Макарову – 4:6, 6:1, 6:2.

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Poland Counts WWII Damages It Wants to Seek from Germany

Poland says it lost more than 5 million citizens and over $54 billion dollars (46.6 billion euros) worth of assets under the Nazi German occupation of the country during World War II.

A parliamentary commission announced the numbers as part of the current Polish government’s declared intent to seek damages from Germany.

Poland spent decades under Soviet domination after the war and wasn’t able to seek damages independently. However, Germany is making payments to Polish survivors of Nazi atrocities.

Preliminary calculations done for the commission put the number of Polish citizens killed from 1939 to 1945 at 5.1 million, including 90 percent of Poland’s Jewish population.

Losses in cities were estimated to be worth 53 billion zlotys ($14 billion; 12 billion euros). Additional losses in agriculture and transportation infrastructure also were factored in.

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UNHCR: Asylum Seekers on Greek Islands Live in Squalid Conditions

The U.N. refugee agency (UNHCR) warns asylum seekers and migrants who came ashore on the Greek islands are living in conditions unfit for human habitation. The agency is urging the Greek government to speed up the  transfer of these individuals to the mainland so they can receive proper care.

According to UNHCR, thousands of asylum seekers and migrants who made the perilous journey across the Aegean Sea are forced to live in squalid, overcrowded centers on the Greek islands of Lesbos, Samos, Chios and Kos.

For example, the agency said more than 7,000 asylum-seekers and migrants on Lesbos are crammed into shelters built to accommodate just 2,000 people, one-quarter of them children.

UNHCR spokesman Charlie Yaxley said these conditions are having a devastating impact on peoples’ well-being.

“We are seeing increasing numbers of people including children presenting with mental health problems,” he said. “… We are seeing rising levels of sexual assaults because there is insufficient security in place and the sanitary facilities as well. On recent missions to the islands, staff have commented that the sanitary facilities are essentially unusable in some cases.”

Yaxley noted an average of 114 people are arriving on the islands every day — more than 70 percent are families from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. He said the new arrivals are adding to the congestion and deteriorating conditions.

The UNHCR said Greek authorities must do more to overcome bureaucratic delays that are preventing the speedy transfer of people to the mainland. If no ready solution can be found, it said extraordinary measures should be considered, including the use of emergency accommodations, hotels, and other alternative housing facilities.

However, at the request of the Greek government, the UNHCR said it has “exceptionally agreed to continue its support in transport of asylum-seekers to the mainland in September in order to avoid further delays.”

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Big Names Gather in Detroit for Franklin Funeral

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton spoke Friday to those mourning the loss of soul singer Aretha Franklin at an hours-long extravaganza of a funeral service in her native Detroit, Michigan. 

“She lived with courage. Not without fear, but overcoming her fears,” Clinton said of Franklin, who died August 16 of pancreatic cancer at age 78. “She lived with faith. Not without failure, but overcoming her failures. She lived with power. Not without weakness, but overcoming her weaknesses.”

Clinton spoke of her generosity of spirit and her willingness to acknowledge fellow musicians and performers who had not achieved her legendary fame. He also made sure to note: “She worked her can off.” 

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Reverend Jesse Jackson, actress Whoopi Goldberg and a host of musicians were also among those at Detroit’s Greater Grace Temple for a tribute and memorial to Franklin that was expected to last six hours or more.

Franklin was dressed in different outfits during several days of public viewings, and her funeral brought a fourth costume change. While the week has been filled with tribute concerts and other high-profile celebrations of the singer and her remarkable life, funeral organizers said Friday’s funeral would be a religious service, not entertainment.

Bishop Charles Ellis III, pastor of Greater Grace Temple, told The Associated Press before the service: “It is my goal and my aim to ensure that people leave here with some kind of spiritual awakening. … This is not a concert; this is not a show; this is not an awards production. This is a real life that has been lived.”

Franklin continued to receive a royal goodbye. She was to be buried in a bronze casket plated with 24-karat gold. Franklin’s name and the title “Queen of Soul” were embroidered into the champagne-colored velvet lining the interior.

Franklin’s body was brought to the church in a white hearse that carried the body of her father, the Reverend C.L. Franklin, in 1991 and civil rights leader Rosa Parks in 2005; and like them, she will be buried in Detroit’s Woodlawn Cemetery.

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Pro-Russian Rebel Leader Assassinated in East Ukraine

Alexander Zakharchenko, the leader of Russian-backed separatists of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic was killed on Friday in a blast at a cafe in downtown Donetsk. 

The official media arm of the unrecognized republic confirmed Zakharchenko’s death — along with injuries to at least one other rebel government official — in an explosion it labeled a “terrorist attack.”

The assassination, the latest in a series against prominent pro-Russian rebels fighting in east Ukraine, risked reigniting already simmering tensions between Russia and Ukraine over the fate of a region that has emerged as a key flashpoint in the war in the Donbass. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin quickly issued a statement to the Kremlin website expressing condolences over the loss and denouncing the assassination saying it was an attempt to further derail stalled international peace talks aimed at ending a conflict that has killed over 10,000 since it began in 2014. 

“It is the latest proof: those who have chosen the path of terror, violence, (and) fear do not want to seek a peaceful, political solution to the conflict,” said the Russian leader. 

“Instead, they put a dangerous bet on the destabilization of the situation, in order to put the people of Donbass on their knees. And that will never happen,” added Putin.  

A statement by Russia’s Foreign Ministry went further — placing blame for the assassination directly on the Ukrainian government in Kyiv.

Ukrainian officials, in turn, said rebel infighting was to blame for the attack, while not ruling out a possible Kremlin motive. 

“We don’t exclude attempts by Russian special services to rid themselves of a rather odious figure,” said Igor Guskov, the head of the Ukrainian Security Forces, suggesting Zakharchenko may have crossed Russian interests in the region. 

Zakharchenko was a key figure from the beginning of pro-Russian rebels’ push for independence in the Donbass — a movement launched in the wake of Russia’s annexation of the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine in 2014. 

He assumed the leadership post in April of 2014 — taking over the prime minister’s post from Alexander Borodai, a political operator from Moscow whose role in the Donetsk uprising seemed only underscore suspicions of Kremlin involvement, if not direct sponsorship.

“Crimea and the Donbass were part of Ukraine and now they’re both de facto no longer part of the Ukrainian state,” said Borodai, in an interview in Moscow earlier this year.  

“The Donbass … ultimately, it will become part of Russia,” warned Borodai. 

Moscow, however, insists it has no role in the Ukrainian conflict — describing Russian fighters involved in the war as merely passionate “volunteers” eager to defend the rights of Russian speakers following a street revolution that saw the overthrow of a pro-Russian government in Kyiv in February 2014. 

While the Kremlin has repeatedly called the Kyiv revolution a “fascist junta,” it has slowly distanced itself from rebels’ calls to formally recognize the republic amid a raft of western sanctions issued over Russia’s actions in the region.

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Dutch Police Shoot Suspect After Stabbing at Train Station

Police in the Dutch capital shot and wounded a suspect Friday following a stabbing at Amsterdam’s busy central railway station.

Amsterdam police said in a series of tweets that two people were injured in the stabbing and the suspect was then shot by officers. All three people were taken to a hospital.

Police said that two platforms were closed to train traffic, but the station wasn’t evacuated.


The motive for the stabbing wasn’t immediately clear. Further details weren’t available.


Central Station is a busy entry and exit point for visitors to the Dutch capital, with regular trains linking it to the city’s Schiphol Airport. Friday is one of the busiest days of the week, with many tourists arriving for the weekend.


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У ЄС хочуть відмовитись від переведення годинників на літній і зимовий час – Юнкер

У Європейському союзі мають намір відмовитися від переведення годинників на зимовий і літній час – про це повідомив голова Єврокомісії Жан-Клод Юнкер 31 серпня в ефірі німецького телеканалу ZDF.

Він прокоментував підсумки опитування, в якому більшість жителів ЄС виступили за скасування переведення стрілок годинника. Питання поставлять на обговорення в керівництві Єврокомісії.

«Рішення буде ухвалене сьогодні», – заявив Юнкер.

У разі схвалення Єврокомісією пропозиції її мають затвердити Європарламент і країни-члени Євросоюзу.

Зазначається, що в неофіційному онлайн-опитуванні щодо скасування переведення часу взяли участь 4,6 мільйона осіб, що стало найбільшим в історії. Водночас це лише 0,86 відсотка від усього населення ЄС. Серед них понад 80% підтримали перехід на єдиний літній час, тобто за збереження протягом усього року літнього часу, зсунутого на годину вперед порівняно з поясним.

Практика щорічного переходу на літній час і повернення на поясний застосовується зараз у майже 75 країнах чи територіях світу, на всій їхній площі чи частково. При цьому близько 180 країн чи територій не користуються сезонним часом.

Ті, хто підтримує літній час, стверджують, що довші години денного світла влітку допомагають економити енергію і підвищити продуктивність. Супротивники кажуть, що це має короткостроковий негативний вплив на здоров’я людей. Європейська комісія також встановила, що часові зміни дають мінімальну економію енергії.

В Україні зміна часу відбувається разом із усім Європейським союзом і більшістю країн Європи двічі на рік: в останню неділю березня країна переходить на літній час, а кожної останньої неділі жовтня повертається на зимовий, тобто свій поясний час.

Переведення годинників регламентується постановою Кабінету міністрів від 1996 року.

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Теніс: Цуренко обіграла другу ракетку світу і вийшла в третє коло US Open

Українська тенісистка Леся Цуренко вийшла до третього кола відкритого чемпіонату США US Open у Нью-Йорку. У двох сетах вона здолала другу ракетку світу, представницю Данії Каролін Возняцкі – 6:4, 6:2.

Для українки це найбільша перемога у кар’єрі – вона вперше перемогла суперницю з топ-5.

У третьому колі Цуренко зустрінеться з чеською спортсменкою Катериною Синяковою.

У третьому колі в Нью-Йорку зіграє ще одна українська тенісистка – Еліна Світоліна, у наступному матчі вона зіграє проти китаянки Ван Цяй.

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Mourners Pay Final Respects to Aretha Franklin at Public Viewing

Thousands of mourners have come to pay their respects to music legend Aretha Franklin, who will be laid to rest Friday in Detroit, Michigan. A star-studded roster of performers and speakers are scheduled to attend. From Washington, VOA’s Jill Craig has more.

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Russia Holds Up Release of Report on N. Korea Sanctions

Russia said Thursday that it was holding up release of a report by U.N. experts who said North Korea is violating U.N. sanctions by not stopping its nuclear and missile programs and by engineering “a massive increase in illicit ship-to-ship transfers of petroleum products.”

Russia’s U.N. Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia told reporters after a closed Security Council meeting on the report that he was blocking its release “because we disagree on certain elements of the report.”

He said Russia also asked for an investigation into regular leaks of reports on North Korea to the media. The Associated Press and other news organizations reported the panel’s latest findings in early August.

Nebenzia didn’t disclose Russia’s concerns, but diplomats, speaking on condition of anonymity because consultations were private, said a key objection was the panel’s mention of Russian ships being involved in illegal ship-to-ship transfers.

Britain’s U.N. Ambassador Karen Pierce, the current Security Council president, said there would be informal consultations Friday to determine what Russia’s objections are in hopes of finalizing and releasing the report.

“I need to stress that this panel of experts report is independent,” she said. “It’s an interesting question as to whether you should be objecting to an independent report. But, as I say, the council hopes we can resolve this.”

Pierce said the Security Council had been “very strong” on enforcing sanctions against North Korea, “and getting this report out and implemented is the next stage in enforcing the sanctions.”

The experts’ report said sanctions against North Korea were also being violated by transfers of coal at sea and by the flouting of an arms embargo and financial restrictions.

North Korea also attempted to sell small arms, light weapons and other military equipment via foreign intermediaries, including Syrian arms traffickers in the case of Houthi Shiite rebels in Yemen as well as Libya and Sudan, the report said. And North Korea has continued military cooperation with Syria, in breach of U.N. sanctions.

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